Player Interview: Women’s Team Captain, Abbie Burrows

Fleet Town FC Women’s Team Captain, Abbie Burrows, shares her experiences with the team and of women’s football.

I’ve been the Captain of Fleet Town Women for a few years now and it’s a great honour. Although it can be tough sometimes, the ladies I captain for make it easier. They’re a great laugh, both at training and on the pitch on a Sunday. I especially enjoy their pre-game music selection to get us all pumped!

In the physically tough games where we are losing it can be challenging sometimes, keeping the girls calm and motivated to fight through until the final whistle. But I’ve loved leading the team and seeing new ladies join and improve over the season, whether that’s them being more confident in themselves or improving their football skills.

In many ways, grassroots football is women’s football, and a lot of amazing players who have gone on to play for England came from grassroots. We rely on hard working volunteers to keep the club and the teams going.

We’re very lucky to have Kevin our manager and John our coach, who spend a lot of their free time planning training sessions and who show up for us, no matter the weather, to help us improve. We’re also lucky to have Claire who joins us on a Thursday and motivates us during our fitness sessions. Without volunteers, girl’s and women’s teams would massively struggle.

I’ve personally noticed a big difference since the Lionesses won the Euros. More people have wanted to invest in women’s football, which in turn can massively help grassroots teams grow. We’ve been lucky to get a new amazing sponsor with It’s Your Place and we hope our relationships with local businesses and the community will continue to grow.


If you’re interested in joining the Women’s Senior Team, get in touch.

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