Free Family Ticket for Guildford City home match to celebrate Non-League Day!

To celebrate Non-League Day 2024 we are giving away free family tickets to our home match versus Guildford City! The date is 23rd March and Kick off is 3pm. Just download the flyer on this page, print it and cut out your ticket!


About Non-League Day

Non-League Day is an annual event aimed at promoting grassroots and non-professional football in the United Kingdom. It encourages football fans to attend matches at local non-league clubs instead of higher-tier professional games.

Non-League Day was set up by James Doe in 2010 as a social media experiment, after being inspired by a pre-season trip to Devon to watch Queens Park Rangers play at Tavistock. It has now grown to become an annual part of the football calendar, backed by Premier League and Football League clubs, MPs, celebrities, media organisations, charities and most importantly the non-league clubs themselves and the fans who turn up on the day.

Supporting Non-League Day is beneficial to non-professional clubs for several reasons…

  • Firstly, it fosters community spirit by bringing people together to support their local teams. These clubs often serve as hubs for local pride and identity, and attending matches helps strengthen community bonds.
  • Secondly, non-league clubs heavily rely on matchday revenue and support from fans to sustain their operations. By attending matches on Non-League Day, fans contribute directly to the financial stability of these clubs, enabling them to continue providing opportunities for players of all ages and abilities.
  • It offers a more accessible and affordable alternative to top-tier football. Ticket prices are usually lower, and there’s often a more intimate and inclusive atmosphere at non-league grounds, allowing fans to enjoy a unique footballing experience.
  • Lastly, supporting Non-League Day promotes diversity in football. It celebrates the rich tapestry of teams and players beyond the spotlight of professional leagues, showcasing the talent and passion that exists at grassroots levels.

By participating in Non-League Day, fans not only enjoy a day of football but also contribute to the vitality and sustainability of grassroots football in their communities.



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